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Your Wedding from A to Z


Your wedding day is more than just a special day, it is the day a dream comes true that will change your life forever.


This is the date when you want everything to be perfect and nothing can go wrong. But perfect days don't happen by chance, they are the result of a lot of planning, a lot of attention, and the right choice of partners that accompany us until the day everything happens.


With this article we want to give you some help so that this long journey goes in the best way and your wedding day is unforgettable.


First step, fundamental: setting the date. It's true that after you've proposed, it would be good if the big day were already tomorrow, but think that you need time to plan and never less than 12 months to have time to think about all the small and big details.


Once the date is decided, let's go to the budget. It is essential to define how much you are willing to spend on the big day, to avoid surprises and know exactly how far you should go every step of the way.


Another very important step is to define what kind of wedding you want to have: romantic, intimate, traditional, in short, the options are many and here you really have to go to your innermost self to find out what you want. Along with this decision, and this is still one of the first steps, decide the number of guests and the place where everything will take place. Here, there is a fundamental question. Is it going to be a religious or civil wedding? Normally religious weddings are celebrated in a church and you should think about a place where the distance to the church is relatively short, if on the other hand the wedding is a civil wedding, when thinking about the place you have to be sure that it will welcome all the moments of your wedding from the time you say your yes until the moment you celebrate. In the Algarve there are several options to celebrate your wedding, but the EPIC SANA Algarve offers a set of conditions that are hard to find elsewhere, such as a proximity to the beach that few other places have and a whole set of spaces that will make your "I do" a memorable moment.


Still at a distance of 12 months, another decision has to be made, which is the choice of photographer and videographer. This is a decision you don't want to leave to the last minute because these services are in great demand and we are sure you will want to keep the best memories of your day recorded.


From here on, and when you are 9 months away from the big day, start thinking about the dress and the wedding suit. These are decisions that you must take with time because the choices are immense and even after you find your dream dress or suit, you will want to give it your personal touch and none of this is compatible with rushing with last minute decisions. Something very important and that is often put on the back burner are the accessories. These are the details you should never neglect.


Your special day also has bureaucracies, and with 6 months to go its time to start dealing with the Civil Registry, where you will have to present all the documentation and set the date for your wedding. But not all bureaucracy is boring, because when you have to start dealing with the honeymoon, the bureaucracy turns into a dream. But beware... you have a budget to meet.


Time flies by, and there is no time for distractions. When you are 4 months away from your day, it's time to think about the details: the wedding list, the hairdresser, the beautician, the rings, the bouquet, everything is small but big details that cannot be postponed. From here on we are in the final stretch, the day is right around the corner, it's time to do the last fitting of the dress, schedule a manicure and pedicure, a skin treatment, a massage, in short, pamper yourself. Do everything to feel special because this day is your big day.