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There are Birthdays and Birthdays


A birthday is always a special milestone. We complete another year and this is always a reason to celebrate, and to gather those who are dearest to us. Of course, in the universe of birthday celebrations, there are dates that stand out and depending on where you are in the world, certain years are given more importance.


For example, in Latin America, especially in Mexico, the passage of a girl into adulthood happens on her 15th birthday where the "Quinceñera" is celebrated.


In Jewish Law, the most relevant birthday is, for girls the 12th and for boys the 13th year. This is the date when girls become Bat Mitzvah and boys become Bar Mitzvah. Although we are used to thinking of "Bar Mitzvah" as the name of an event, it actually represents the stage in a child´s life when they become responsible for their actions and actively participate in religious activities.


In the United States and also in Canada, the most celebrated birthday is the "Sweet Sixteen" at the age of 16. Although they have not yet arrived to the adulthood age, it is a milestone of independence and autonomy for teenagers.


In Portugal the turning point happens at the age of 18. Nowadays young people are staying more often at their parents' house during a transitional period of life however, this is still a symbolic day of passage from youth to adulthood and it is a date that deserves a special celebration. 


Regardless of the date to be celebrated and cultural background, the truth is that these celebrations are usually held among family and friends, and depending on the number of people, they can be more or less intimate events. So, when thinking about the celebration of this special day if you want to make the date memorable, we can say that both a restaurant or a hotel are good options:

- A restaurant can be more intimate by closing it exclusively for you or at least, part of the space.

- A hotel can be indicated if you want to have a bigger party, with all the services at your disposal (room, catering, entertainment).


SANA has several options that may meet your needs for your next birthday celebration: from award-winning and instagrammable restaurants like ALLORA or SUD Lisboa, to hotels with spacious and cozy rooms, in the city like MYRIAD by SANA or near the beach, like EPIC SANA Algarve.

The hard part will be to choose!