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Event Partners

The Best Partners Make The Best Events


You have an event to organize, you already know what you want and when you want it. Now what's the next step? Finding the right partners. With this article we want to help you make the right choices, because choosing a partner is choosing who will accompany you on a long journey where trust and security is key.


A common technique in choosing partners is the SWOT analysis - which measures Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of a plan of action. With this study, draw up a benchmark and give priority to partners who are complementary to your mission, i.e. who master areas on which you are not an expert. Areas such as F&B where issues like allergies and other types of dietary restrictions should be safeguarded. Your chosen partner can then fill in gaps and be aware of issues that can support specific requirements and think of the smallest details, that matter. It is also very important that they know how to deal with last minute changes and have the flexibility to solve them. At SANA Hotels you can find this type of partnership, with more than 15 years of experience in supporting the realization of events, here you will find professionals and specialists with a vast expertise in the area of events, anticipating and solving all kinds of needs for a successful event.


Another very important point when it comes to partnerships has to do with the location of your event. Taking into account the size and target audience of your event, the meeting point is essential. In Lisbon there are multiple spaces each with different characteristics that will meet completely different needs. Take Myriad by SANA for example: it has a Congress Center (MCC) with capacity for 600 people perfect for corporate events with minimalist and contemporary design in a space where 100% of the rooms have natural light or the SUD Lisboa Hall, a reference venue for the best premium events in the capital, whether they are corporate, social events or weddings, with capacity for 1100 people in a total area of 1700m2.


It is fundamental that when choosing your partners, you choose teams that, besides being reliable professionals, are aligned with your business and share the same philosophy and ethical principles, because only then will you be able to establish reliable partnerships in the long run and hold successful events.