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Academia Sana Recrutamento

SANA Hotels Academy

SANA Hotels Academy, as a Skills Development and Continuous Learning Model available to employees, is a space where all components of future learning / training processes interact, in terms of knowledge sharing and the development of new skills, as well as actualizing and recycling knowledge through numerous lectures.

Our goal is to improve learning, increase skills and optimize Human Resources performance, leveraging the organization's Human Capital.

Since its beginning in 2009, the SANA Hotels Academy has directed its intervention in vocational training so that it can have a comprehensive and practice-oriented approach.

We believe that quality is essential to ensure excellence training for our teams, which is why our methodology emphasizes the importance of experience and technical skills and their applicability at work.

We believe that…

  • Business results derive from people;
  • Improvement and optimization are based on the potential and talent of people and the teams
  • Training is the right tool for improving the skills of people and teams, driving them towards sustainable personal and business success. 



Our mission is to work with and for people, seeking to maximize their skills and potential, creating value and sustainability for Teams and SANA Hotels.



The SANA Hotels Academy has a set of In-house Trainers and External Partners who have extensive operational experience in the field and in the areas in which they operate, with proven pedagogical skills.

Through the specialization, professional and pedagogical experience of our Trainers / Consultants and a permanent commitment to the quality of services and the innovation of methodologies, we guarantee an offer of excellence, both in terms of content, organization, development and monitoring of training, as to the level of resources available.

Excellence, Professionalism and Commitment is the daily challenge of our entire team in order to exceed the expectations of the participants in the actions.

The know-how of our trainers makes the excellence of our team!



  • SANA Corporate Culture
  • Leadership Action Program
  • Operational Leadership
  • Teaching Excellence Program
  • Dynamic Sales
  • Talent Lab
  • Cross training Program
  • On Job Training
  • Coaching Program


Training is a strategic tool for the Group to train its professionals in an effective and differentiating manner, allowing: Personalized Training aligned with the activity, vision, mission and organizational strategy. 

The Training Paths are designed in order for teams to acquire Fundamental and Structuring competences to perform their functions, which aim to promote behaviours, knowledge and know how in order to improve the level of skills and performance of employees of each business unit department. 

Training is eminently practical, in the classroom and in a real work context, entirely devoted to intensive and systematic skill-building training: Training Pathways to increase Team Effectiveness and maximize their results

We form teams to lead and increase results and satisfaction levels. A development methodology that exploits 100% of the learning potential of each employee and team.