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Internship Programme

Internship Programmes are an essential step for a Course completion or for obtaining an Academic Degree. In short time, you can develop your academic knowledge in a real work environment. Our Internship Programmes are always in compliance with the educational institution you attend.

We're looking for talented people. If you have the ambition, ideas and want to have work experience, apply for SANA's Internship Programme. We can provide you with accommodation and meals.

Training Programme

The Training Programme aims to provide a practical experience of the theory acquired throughout your studies, allowing you to launch a successful professional career. The SANA's Training Programmes have a variable duration, between 1 and 12 months.

Depending on your internship, we can provide you a scholarship, accommodation and meals. If you have academic qualifications at High School or higher and if you have the ambition, ideas and you are committed to starting a career in Hospitality, apply for SANA's Training Programme.

Learning2Gether Programme

The Programme Learning2Gether is a paid on-the-job training program of 12 months, for students with a Bachelor or Masters degree in Management, Marketing or Engineering.  The purpose of this program is to provide an opportunity to launch your professional career in a large company full of global opportunities.

Young people selected will have the opportunity to get to know and work in SANA's main areas, recognizing different leaders, using their academic background to acquire skills that only a sector such as the hotel industry, and in particular the SANA Group, can provide.