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Eat, walk and enjoy:
A guide to discover Caldas da Rainha




Caldas da Rainha, is a charming city located on the Silver Coast, a must-see tourist destination full of history, culture and natural beauty. If you are planning a visit to this region, get ready for days full of excitement. In this article, we will guide you through the best activities, dishes and sweets and of course, give you the best accommodation suggestion. Have fun!


Fábrica Bordalo Pinheiro Atrações Sana Silver Coast
Instalação Bordalo Pinheiro Atrações Sana Silver Coast

Stroll through the Fruit Market

Start the day with a short walk through the picturesque streets of the city. When you arrive at Praça da República, be amazed by the color and scents of the fruits and flowers of this open-air market that dates back to the 15th century, a gift from Queen Dona Leonor to the farmers of the region.

Visit the Bordalo Pinheiro Factory and Shop

Everywhere you go you will find stores with the famous Caldas crockery, but it is worth visiting the Bordallo Pinheiro Factory and Shop to learn about the process of creating these pieces of art. The ceramics are unique, inspired by nature, with a touch of humor and irreverence.

Museu Hospital Termal Caldas Da Rainha Sana Silver Coast
Museu José Malhoa Caldas Da Rainha Sana Silver Coast

José Malhoa Museum

Discover the talent and legacy of José Malhoa, born in Caldas da Rainha. A collection of the artist's paintings, sculptures, drawings and prints depicting a wide range of subjects, from portraits and landscapes to scenes of everyday farming life, with a keen eye for detail and an exceptional ability to capture light and emotion.

Thermal baths

Caldas da Rainha is a destination known for its revitalizing thermal waters, discovered by Queen Dona Leonor, founder of the thermal hospital in the 15th century. Enjoy a relaxing moment on a stroll through Dom Carlos Park and enjoy the therapeutic baths.

Foz De Orelho Atrações Sana Silver Coast
Castelo De Óbidos Atrações Sana Silver Coast

Óbidos Castle and Medieval Market (July 20-30)

Óbidos, one of Portugal's most fascinating medieval villages, is a mere 10 km from Caldas da Rainha. Explore the historic walls and stunning views, wander the cobbled streets and enjoy the charming atmosphere of this medieval village. Don't miss the Óbidos Medieval Market at the end of July. .

Foz do Arelho

For relaxation, how about a dip in the Atlantic? Ten minutes from Caldas da Rainha, enjoy the natural beauty of Foz do Arelho beach.


Sana Silver Coast Hotel Caldas Rainha Lisbonense Restaurant 18

A table full of flavors from the sea and the land

The gastronomy of the Western Region is varied and very rich. Between the oven-baked kid, stewed rabbit, stews, eel stews and seafood from the Óbidos Lagoon, it will be difficult to choose. There are also octopus dishes, one of the region's ex-libris.

Confectionery of conventual influence

Who doesn't know the famous trouxas de ovos, those delicate rolls dipped in sugar syrup, of conventual origin? Stop to try this shot of happiness in any pastry shop and take the opportunity to taste the fine cavacas and saloias, the beijinhos, the arrelias, the queijadas....

Restaurant suggestion

O Restaurant Lisbonense. Here you will find signature cuisine made with the best and freshest traditional local ingredients, such as the Octopus from Foz da Arelho, among a variety of meat, fish and seafood dishes from the region.


Sana Silver Coast Hotel Caldas Rainha Exterior 5
Sana Silver Coast Hotel Caldas Rainha Exterior 13

Suggested leisure and business hotel: SANA Silver Coast

Located right in the city center of Caldas da Rainha, in front of D. Carlos Park, SANA Silver Coast is an elegant 4-star family hotel with a charming and intimist atmosphere, set in a neoclassical style building. The rooms are spacious, well decorated and equipped with every comfort. The outdoor terrace is perfect for a relaxing end of the day accompanied by a good cocktail and the sound of good jazz. Everything you need to make your stay unforgettable.