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Discover the secrets behind the art of pure relaxation


At SAYANNA Wellness & SPA we integrate 3 essential elements into our wellness approach that have a tremendous influence on the way each person achieves a state of pure relaxation in our SPA´s. Below, we reveal the secrets behind the ultimate SAYANNA experience.


Starting with, the SAYANNA philosophy that reflects a fusion of East and West, bringing together the best of both worlds by harmoniously combining the techniques of ancient Eastern healing practices with the most modern and scientific methods of Western wellness.


Moving along, each aesthetic and functional feature of a SAYANNA space is carefully designed to trigger positive emotional responses and help induce feelings of relaxation, albeit in different ways. The SAYANNA wellness & SPA at the EPIC SANA Algarve for example, is inserted within 8 hectares of pine forest overlooking an opulent and paradisiacal beach and this notion of nature is omnipresent as soon as one steps foot into the SPA. Why is nature so important to a relaxation experience? Because it results in heightened physical wellbeing reducing blood pressure and muscle tension, normalizing the heart rate and inhibiting the production of stress hormones.


At the EPIC SANA Marquês, the SAYANNA wellness & SPA exhibits a convergence between beauty, health and wellness in meaningful ways. Luxurious gold adornments are mixed with raw earthy tones that will have you feeling your healthiest and most beautiful both physically and emotionally.


In contrast, SANA Malhoa´s SAYANNA wellness & SPA promises to quickly and effectively ease you into and out of your wellness experience with a space and design that reflects practicality and modernity to appeal to those who come to the hotel both for business and leisure. These types of guests often seek a shorter, yet equally rewarding experience, and find that this SPA responds perfectly to their need for a much-needed quick wellness break in the city center.


The last element that contributes to a memorable SAYANNA experience is the pre and post rituals. These seemingly simple rituals, allow you to get into the right state of mind before and after your treatment, giving you time and space to enjoy prolonged benefits before you have to step out into the “real world” again. As soon as you enter any SAYANNA wellness & SPA, you are greeted with a sensory welcome ritual as the air that is scented with aromatherapy oils, begins priming you for the treatment you are about to receive. After the treatment, the beloved Tea Ritual, offers a moment of tranquility and bliss whilst rehydrating and replenishing lost minerals.


These 3 core principles which we embody in all our wellness experiences, will enable you to master the art of relaxation thereby reaching new levels of well-being. Come and explore all this and much more at any of our SAYANNA wellness & SPAs and discover what sets us apart.


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