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Sayanna Wellness Retreats - Relax on your holidays


Holidays always bring about that promise of relief and relaxation that we dream of all year round. But do we actually get rest ? The truth is that more and more people are coming back from holiday with a sense of exhaustion.

Long trips with children, consecutive all-nighters, mismatched sleep schedules and the varied activities we engage in throughout the day leave us even more tired than any regular week of arduous work. Many have started calling it holiday burnout.


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Why does this happen?

There are multiple reasons and most are related to the demands of today's lifestyles, where time is short for everything especially what friends, family, trends and, very importantly, what our own expectations of what a dream holiday should be, ask of us. Realizing that we are often the ones sabotaging the rest and relaxation is the first step to addressing the issue.

Searching for lost energy

If you find it difficult to find the time to sit down and do literally nothing, know that this may be the very source of the problem. It is essential to pause, to take time to reconnect with your inner self and find harmony. Take care of yourself, body and mind. And the good news is that the solution may be simpler than you think.


The SAYANNA Wellness & SPA at the EPIC SANA Algarve has a programme of retreats specially designed to help you restore your energy. A few days in this paradisiacal location, filled with the most effective techniques and wellness-inducing practices, are the perfect antidote to exhaustion. Get to know some of the most recommended retreats:



The Yoga Retreat offers all the benefits of a good Yoga practice in one program: strengthened body, flexibility and a peaceful mind.

Achieve a zen state in a tailor-made programme that includes yoga classes, massages and workshops.

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Sayanna Reshape Retreat


The Reshape Retreat focuses on physical exercise, combined with a healthy diet as the key to a healthier life.

You can choose the programme according to one of two objectives: weight loss or improving overall physical condition.

Access to 18h of training, 1 session with our nutritionist, 2 fitness evaluations and several wellness workshops.

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Sayanna Retreat Detox


Detoxifying your body and mind is the first step to improving your wellbeing.

In this retreat you will feel lighter and invigorated, with a renewed energy to face life. Includes a consultation with our nutritionist, moisturizing treatment, an assortment of massages and a meditation session.

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The SAYANNA Wellness & SPA Retreats at the EPIC SANA Algarve will bring you the rest and well-being you are looking for, through personalised programmes that include balanced meals, physical exercise, workshops and relaxing treatments. All this, in an idyllic oasis of serenity, among gardens and a pine forest with the sea at your feet.

Try it out and say goodbye to holiday burnout for good.

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