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Learn about the most innovative SPA Treatments in the world


Wellness is a field that is constantly evolving. Foot massages, hormonal hair profiling, hypnotherapy, these are just some of the many revolutionary treatments that are currently gaining popularity worldwide. If you´re on the search for innovative treatments to spice up your next SPA experience, this article is for you.


Sound Therapy

Also known as sound healing, this therapy manipulates sound waves to tune the body and mind in a ground-breaking "inside out treatment" where the therapist seeks to cure a number of dysfunctions from within. Usually associated to yoga and meditation, this type of therapy also uses the thumbs, palms and forearms in rotating movements to help spread sound waves through the various tissues; which subsequently relaxes the central nervous system, restores breathing systems and calms the body down.



This treatment is performed inside a capsule with salt water that is regulated to body temperature causing the body to float. The absence of gravity has the ability to transport one into a deep moment of introspection where, once comfortable and through a combination of music, light and visual stimuli, guests can achieve peak levels of relaxation and are able to tap into their subconscious to relieve any lingering feelings of anxiety or pain.


Bamboo Massages

History tends to repeat itself, and in the world of Wellness things are no different. Now more than ever, individuals are seeking treatments that date back to ancient healing traditions as these techniques, although simple, are known to be minimally invasive and equally as effective. This type of holistic treatment, now available at EPIC SANA Marquês´ SAYANNA Wellness & SPA, utilizes bamboo canes of different sizes and aromatic oils to glide across the tenser areas of the body. Traditional to many countries across Asia - Thailand, Indonesia and Japan; this type of massages is known to effectively help relieve muscle tension, improve joint function and enhance quality of sleep. Bamboo massages boast a wide range of benefits such as stimulating circulation, increasing oxygen flow and promoting weight loss through lymphatic drainage and the breakdown of fat cells; whilst alleviating feelings of anxiety and muscle pain. This is the kind of treatment that will make you feel both relaxed and energized all at the same time.


Sleep Therapy

With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, work tensions and the constant pressures we face, we are all finding it increasingly difficult to have restful nights of sleep without being haunted by the inherent stresses of our personal and professional endeavors. Being a common problem for people of all ages and backgrounds, it doesn´t surprise us that treatments targeting sleep issues are popping up more frequently in the wellness realm. In line with this concern, the SAYANNA Wellness & SPA at SANA Malhoa has developed the Powernap treatment. This treatment incorporates breathing exercises, reflexology and relaxing massage techniques performed with aromatherapy oils in a temperature-controlled environment. Here, the therapist creates the necessary conditions to induce rapid and absolute relaxation through the zero-gravity position of a dedicated massage bed, often resulting in a deep and relaxing slumber.


Four hands massage

This massage is carried out by 2 therapists at once. The techniques and movements are performed in a synchronized manner applying the same pressure on both sides of the body, yielding greater and deeper muscle relaxation, muscle realignment and consequently, better blood flow and faster healing processes. You can find this treatment at EPIC SANA Luanda´s SAYANNA Wellness & SPA.


These are some of the many innovations and trends taking place in the Wellness universe. Instead of sticking with what you usually go for, why not try something new, and out of the ordinary on your next SPA-visit? You may just discover unique and more effective relaxation sensations, and reach deeper levels of tranquility.


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