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Discovering Berlin


Berlin continues to be a rising European city, not only is it young and cosmopolitan, but it also has a vast and exceptional variety of landmarks, a lively cultural scene and an active, vibrant way of life. With this article we want to show you what to look for in Berlin when it comes to art, food, attractions and entertainment and why this is a must-see trip on your next vacation.


Breath Art


Berlin is often referred to as the city of art, artists, museums and no, it's not just paintings or classical art, we're talking music, ballet, opera, cabaret, theater, sculpture, architecture and everything else you can imagine. It quickly becomes apparent, that history and modernism blend harmoniously, and being the greenest city in Germany, it abounds in lush plants and parks. And in the middle of all this art is the SANA Berlin Hotel, about 15 minutes’ walk from the main museums and attractions, and next to Kuddam, it is perfect for an immersive stay in the city.


A good example of this immersive experience is the Berlin Art Week. Those who love contemporary art will not want to miss this event "a platform and a great collaboration between the most important institutions of the Berlin art world.” A comprehensive program that allows a complete immersion in the contemporary art scene with a range of works from "museums, show houses, fairs, private collections, project spaces and numerous galleries" as well as performances and exhibitions. It usually takes place in September.


And because appreciating art in Berlin is timeless, the Long Night of Museums is already a classic in the city. This was the first event of its kind that it first took place in 1997. From 6pm to 2am the event offers, "more than 750 events, such as special exhibitions, installations and short-term tours, conversations with contemporary witnesses, readings with actors, performances, workshops, culinary delights and music from tango to techno with just one ticket giving you access to 75 museums. A one-way ticket to the discovery of art and culture in the busiest city of all! Dates vary, so look out for the next one!



From Gourmet to Street Food there is Plenty to Choose from


The gastronomic landscape is changing in Berlin. Long gone are the days when you could only find a good schnitzel or Currywurst to satisfy your cravings. The city has experienced a wave of rejuvenation in the food scene, with new restaurants, cuisines, and local products being revitalized in a wave of delicious creations. Believe me, Berlin will surprise you with street food, fine dining restaurants, food halls and markets that explore a wide range of cultures and always have something for everyone.  Of these markets one of the best known is the Markthalle Neun: Once a week one of the last historic markets dating back to the 19th century opens its doors to a festival and street food. An evening of eclectic pastries ranging from regional German specialties to small fusion bites.

And because when we talk about Berlin we cannot leave out beer, it is impossible not to mention the Bier Garten. Outdoor spaces much appreciated in the summer, either on lakes or in parks with craft beers, home distilled and some truly delicious Italian, Bavarian and American specialties to complement the beer.



Non-stop fun


Berlin is known for always having something going on when it comes to entertainment - and yes we are referring to the nightlife that has gained popularity for being one of the most hedonistic, exciting and vibrant in all of Europe. Besides the, already classic techno warehouses, Berlin is known for innovation and creativity that is also very much alive when it comes to nightlife. Sleek modern clubs, raves, bunker parties, you name it, it's happening in Berlin. Of course, the Berlin nightlife deserves some highlights, namely: Berghain - Easily considered the most famous club in town and some would even say in the world. The night starts on Friday and doesn't end until Monday morning. But it's not just nightlife that Berlin's entertainment lives, there is also the unmissable Berninale. "Founded in 1951, the Berlinale (officially called Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin) is the world's most popular film festival in terms of attendance. An important milestone in the global cultural calendar, it sees Potsdamer Platz transformed into a glittering stage that plays host to the most famous names in the film industry during February. The screenings are spread all over the city, from Alexanderplatz to the Zoo Palast cinema in Tiergarten to Silent Green “Kulturquartier in Wedding".


This is undoubtedly a city with a lot to discover and one that you will certainly want to visit more and more often.


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