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Sustainability is the responsibility to conserve natural resources and protect global ecosystems, to support health and well-being, now and in the future.

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Caring and being responsible is part of SANA's DNA. We promote sustainable policies in our hotels, in accordance with our values: Quality, Trust and Care.

We are dedicated on implementing environmental initiatives that will have a lasting impact over time and in the community, with a focus on achieving environmental sustainability as a key operational driver.

Energy saving, waste management, water conservation, reducing consumption of non-recycling materials, finding innovative ways, and adjusting purchasing policy to sustainability guidelines are some of our prime concerns in our hotels. We inspirit our Teams and respond to the expectations of our Guests involving them in our initiatives to encourage our environmental endeavors. Our prerogative is to connect in the most fitting, transparent, and efficient way possible.

We understand that Human Resources is the key to sustainability, by believing in a sustainable recruitment, development, career growth, and retention strategy that is socially and economically efficient in the long term, SANA HOTELS aims to be recognized as one of the preferred Hospitality employers.

We respect socio-cultural authenticity, valuing traditional values and heritage, intercultural understanding, and tolerance. In our hotels, from Europe to Africa, we support nonprofit organizations and promote activities to engage with local communities whenever possible.

Our Environmental Policy


Sustentatibilidade Sana Hotels

Our main objectives:

  • To guarantee to our guests, a comfortable, clean, safe, and healthy environment.
  • To comply with all local and national environmental legislations and regulations and cooperate with environmental protection organizations to continuously improve Hotels’ environmental management.
  • Setting targets according to the identified environmental impacts. Implement and maintain an environmental management system to meet international standards and achieve identified and agreed on objectives.


Sustentatibilidade Sana Hotels
  • To constantly monitor environmental impact and improve quality assurance management.
  • To save water using efficient management and consumption controls.
  • To improve energy efficiency, conservation, and management through regular controls, involvement of people, and implementation of modern, regenerative, or other best available technologies, whenever reasonably possible and feasible.
  • To reduce, reuse and recycle waste materials and avoid any hazardous substances to minimize harmful consequences for the environment.


Sustentatibilidade Sana Hotels
  • Strengthen our employees' ability to respond to environmental concerns and ensure safe working conditions with motivation, information, and training on the subject.
  • To consider environmental and social aspects in the relationship with partners, suppliers, and subcontractors and seek the most sustainable solutions with a long-term impact.
  • To respect and protect in an environmentally friendly manner the socio-cultural authenticity, resources, and heritage in which the Hotels are located, and support special projects of the local community.


Our efforts:

  • We aim to reduce our consumption of resources and meet our social responsibilities in the field of public health and human safety.
  • We plan and implement an effective waste management program promoting recycling and reducing the unnecessary use of products with a harmful impact on the environment.
  • We promote the introduction of maximum “green” and local products in our operations, and a digital framework as much as possible in our operating and communication procedures to reduce paper consumption.
  • We encourage our employees to participate and carry out training and awareness actions to protect the environment. Instilling in them a sense of involvement and commitment.
  • We continuously celebrate our diverse workforce and provide equal opportunities to learn, develop, and career growth within the organizations of our hotels.
  • We participate and support them whenever possible in the local community.
  • We will keep our guests, customers, employees, and Board informed about our environmental initiatives, whenever they are worth reporting.


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