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Returning from Holidays with a smile: Tips for a smooth transition back to work


Waking up and laying out the beach towel, diving into the sea, having lunch on a terrace with no rush to return... The holidays were great, but it is time to get back to the routine!

Here are some tips for getting back to your daily activities in a productive way and ending the day with a smile.

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  1. Create a list of tasks
    Prioritise the most important ones and set realistic deadlines. The feeling of control will help to reduce stress.
  2. Set priorities
    On returning to work, it is normal to have several tasks piled up. Identify what is urgent and important and focus on those first.
  3. Find some time for yourself
    Take moments to relax and recharge your batteries. Reading a book or taking a short walk are excellent ways of looking after yourself.
  4. Get your sleep routine back on track
    Quality sleep is essential for productivity and general well-being. Try to keep the same wake-up and go-to bed times, even during the weekend.
  5. Eat a well-balanced diet
    Remember the importance of healthy eating and hydration. A balanced diet helps maintain energy levels throughout the day.
  6. Celebrate small achievements
    Recognise and celebrate your progress, however small. Every task completed is a victory and deserves to be appreciated.


Returning from holidays does not have to be stressful. Use these tips to create a smooth transition back into your daily routine. You will soon be back in action!