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Brunch at Sana World


It's true that we didn't invent brunch, but we like to think that we helped make it extraordinary, capable of turning Sundays into one of the most desirable days of the week. By the way, do you know when this delicious craze that combines breakfast and lunch came about? Incredibly, the invention of brunch is not from this century.


The origins are simple...

As with many culinary traditions, the roots of Brunch are somewhat obscure, but it is thought that its origins go back to the breakfasts served on hunting days in 19th century England.

The term Brunch first appeared in 1895, in an article in Hunter's Weekly, where British author Guy Beringer referred to this light and creative meal, served late in the morning, as an alternative to heavy Sunday lunches. According to his descriptions, this new Brunch concept harmoniously combined breakfast and lunch foods. On the table were delicacies such as steak & kidney pies, eggs, meats, bacon, fresh fruit, cakes and pastries, served with tea and coffee.

Of course, this new concept immediately won the favour of Saturday night revellers, as it meant they didn't have to get up so early on Sunday.


...To the most sophisticated brunches of today...

From then until today, brunch has grown in popularity all over the world, becoming the highlight of the week for family and friends, an opportunity to get together and share a delicious meal.

In Portugal, it's official: Brunch is here to stay! With a variety of proposals, from the most naturalistic to the most refined, the menus have managed the difficult task of perfectly combining the elements of breakfast with those of lunch, with absolutely surprising results.


Two offers you can't miss: Myriad Sunday Brunch and EPIC Sunday Brunch, at EPIC SANA Lisboa.

We warn you right now that it's going to be difficult to choose. The menus at both venues are exquisite and feature classic options as well as bold and very, very tasty stations. We'll give you a few hints to whet your appetite.


MYRIAD Sunday Brunch

In the River Lounge, not even the view of the river interferes with the brilliance of Executive Chef Carlos Cardoso's gourmet dishes.

Everything is absolutely divine, from the freshest bakery and pastry to the fabulous sushi station, including exquisite seafood starters from our coast, an excellent selection of cheeses and cold meats, varied national and international cuisine and meat and fish showcooking. Save room for the sumptuous dessert buffet and petit fours by our creative Pastry Chef Carlos Pinto.

  • Sundays: 13.00 p.m. - 15.00 p.m.
  • €58 per adult, excluding drinks
  • Free for children up to 4 years old
  • Children aged 5 to 12: 50% off the adult price
  • Prior booking recommended
  • Free parking


Brunch no Myriad by SANA Brunch no Myriad by SANA


EPIC Sunday Brunch

Chef Edgar Rocha is a conqueror. He takes us on a journey to the most exciting flavours of Portugal, Spain, France and Italy, in an exquisite selection of bakery and pastries, homemade jams and nuts, a selection of cheeses and cold meats, Mediterranean salads and seafood from our coast.

And you can even enjoy a meat or fish showcooking programme! All this while the little ones play in the care of our babysitters.

  • Sundays: 12.30 p.m. - 16.00 p.m.
  • 48€ per adult with drinks included (non-alcoholic)
  • Free for children up to 4 years old
  • Children aged 5 to 12: 50% off the adult price
  • Free parking


Brunch no Myriad by SANA Brunch no Myriad by SANA


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