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New Year´s Eve

Around the world in New Year's traditions


2022 is coming to an end and plans for New Year's Eve are being fine-tuned everywhere. Some people take the opportunity to travel and enjoy a mini holiday, but even away from home, New Year' Eve is always spent as tradition dictates. Or should we say as the traditions dictate?


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So, what kind of traditions are out there, around the world?

New Year's Eve is celebrated with joy and wonder everywhere. From country to country, traditions differ in the way they say goodbye to the old year and welcome the New Year. But the purpose is almost always the same: to attract good luck, health and prosperity whilst celebrating big.


Check out these 5 curious traditions:

Spain: eating 12 grapes at midnight

We are obviously very close to each other, even in this tradition. The Spanish eat the 12 grapes as soon as it strikes midnight and they have to do so until the last strike, so that their wishes come true. A difficult task for them, but easier for us who have evolved to raisins.


Denmark: Breaking old dishes

Breaking dishes on the doorstep in this case is not just allowed, it is recommended! The Danes, believe that this old New Year tradition brings good luck to your loved ones. It is said that the more broken kitchen items that pile up on your doorstep, the more luck you will have. Will you try it?


Philippines: serving 12 pieces of round fruit

On New Year's Eve, families serve 12 round-shaped fruits like apples, grapes and plums. The Filipinos believe it brings prosperity due to its round shape, like that of coins, with each fruit representing a month of the year. One thing is for sure, it definitely brings better health.


Greece: hanging onions on the front door

In Greece onions do not make you cry - quite the opposite! Tradition says that hanging an onion on your door on New Year's Day brings good luck. It is believed that thanks to its ability to germinate on its own, it attracts fertility and prosperity.


Argentina: Burning the old year

In Argentina, communities get together to create a dummy that represents the Old Year, and all the bad things it brought. At midnight the dummy is burnt in a purifying ritual in which everyone participates, to make way for the birth of a new year, free of all evil, in order to bring prosperity.


And in Portugal?

Here in Portugal, New Year's Eve is also packed with traditions. The truth is that nobody can resist trying their luck to make their wishes come true for the New Year. Here are some of the most curious ways that promise to bring you good luck and keep all evil at bay. You never know...!

  • Eat 12 raisins during the 12 strikes.
  • Midnight kiss.
  • Wear blue underwear.
  • Banging the lids of pots and pans.
  • Put money in your hand, in your pockets or inside your shoes.
  • Climb on a stool with your right foot first.
  • Open all the doors and turn on all the lights.
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