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Mens sana in corpore sano: your travel review to visit EPIC SANA Lisboa


It is October. I have to check my phone to convince myself this is actually the case. Sitting at the rooftop lounging area of one of the Sana Hotels, the Epic Lisboa, I stare at the swimming pool where two people kiss and laugh to the sound of the relaxing jazz playlist that lingers everywhere you go in the hotel. Before my eyes it is also the Tagus river holding the sky so blue that I, again, check my calendar. Yes, it is autumn. News from home tell me that a few hesitant rays of sunshine made their way to London where it makes sense to say Halloween is around the corner. A two-hour flight separates what feels like two planets. It is not the first time I am in Lisbon in October. Last time, I remember well, I had to pinch myself whilst swimming at another rooftop of another hotel.


Epic Sana is, however, quite a place. Staff so attentive you can be forgiven to think you are special – like everyone else that is here. I was warmly welcome, offered a refreshing drink at the beautiful gardens and without any wait, my room was ready. And what a room! You might expect from a five-star hotel lots of little extras and lovely treats, but what I wasn’t expecting was a table set with about eight types of the most exquisite petit fours, beautifully presented on my room table with some fresh orange juice, bottles of water for every taste and, again, this lovely music playing.


Their breakfast is a thing of heaven. All you can dream of is there. In times of Covid, staff makes sure you have a little bag to keep your mask in – a nice touch as I wonder what sense it makes to have masks spread over tables everywhere. As if the vast buffet wasn't enough with its fresh pastries, sweet pieces of fruit, the delicious selection of yogurts - please, do try their apple and cinnamon one- you can order whatever cooked breakfast you fancy. "How would you like your eggs in the morning?" (You hear me singing) . Again, the most attentive and the kindest staff who had my coffee always perfect waiting for me. Having their smiles, their chat was pure luxury.

Talking of luxury, their spa more that justifies the brand name. Sana is after all a concept I can clearly see in every detail: from the ample space dedicated to massages and treatment rooms to the fresh citrusy fragrance selection of body cream, shampoo and soaps you find in your room.

In case you are still wondering, Epic Sana is, well, pretty epic. Such an accurate name for it!

Again, I check my calendar. I check the weather forecast, the river and the pool. If I just decide not to go back to the cold, would anyone notice?

Av. Eng. Duarte Pacheco 15, 1070-100

Lisboa, Portugal

Phone: +351 21 159 7300

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