Quality Policy

SANA Hotels is an Organisation that invests in astrong Customer focus and in promoting quality as a way of creating value, based on a relationship characterised by honesty, loyalty and dedication between the main agents within its area of activity: Customers, Shareholders, Suppliers, Partners, Employees and Society in general.

We believe that the best way to ensure excellence in services lies in exceeding our Customers’ expectations, whether they be internal or external customers, and growing based on these relationships, continuously and innovatively, through initiatives and teamwork aimed at controlling work processes, seeking continuous improvement, seeking to develop and satisfy our Employees and provide unique products and services that foster increasing Customer satisfaction.

We assess the standards determined by the Organisation through continuous internal processes, guaranteeing the Customer a product or service produced to ethically correct standards, procedures and norms, to achieve the best result in terms of hospitality, with appropriate price, service and safety levels.

We cultivate a safe working environment where we value the development of our Employees and a system of common values guided by rules of ethical conduct, team spirit, respect for heritage, promotion of regional and national culture and good Customer service.

We carefully select our Suppliers, who should fully respect the Group’s principles and values, and invest in developing strong business relationships that guarantee top quality products and services and Customer loyalty.

We adopt preventative measures in the area of food hygiene and safety in accordance with the principles of the HACCP system.

We promote the preservation of the environment through remaining constantly technologically updated, from the analysis of energy efficiency to developing innovative methods to minimise environmental impacts, pollution reduction and prevention, optimisation of the management of natural resources, fulfilment of current legislation and the diffusion of a culture promoting quality of life.

The development of the quality system will soon involve the integration of concerns with social responsibility.