SANA Hotels Academy

As a Competency Development and Lifelong Learning Model available to employees, Academia SANA Hotels is a space where they interact with all components of the future processes of learning/training, in terms of sharing knowledge and developing new skills, as well as refresher and continuous awareness courses.

Our aim is to improve learning, raise skill levels and optimise performance of our Human Resources, empowering SANA Hotels’ Human Capital. Since it began in 2009, Academia SANA Hotels has acted in the area of professional training, in order to adopt a wide-ranging, practical approach.

We believe that Quality is essential for ensuring excellent training for our teams, for which reason our methodology focuses on the importance of experience and technical skills and their applicability in the workplace.

We believe that…

  • Companies achieve their results through people;
  • Improvement and optimisation are based on the potential and talent of people and teams;
  • Training is the recommended tool for improving the skills of people and Teams, guiding them towards sustainable personal and professional success.

We have 5 Principles:

  • Competitiveness (Continuous valuation of skills)
  • Continuity (Training should transmit the company’s culture)
  • Availability (Knowledge Sharing and Learning at any time)
  • Partnership (Seeking internal partnerships or those with educational institutions)
  • Sustainability (Achieving Results for the organisation)


To develop talent and fulfil potential.

Our mission is to work with and for people, seeking to maximise their skills and all their potential, creating value and sustainability for the Teams and for SANA Hotels. Identifying peoples’ and teams’ skills and develop them with a view to achieving excellence and individual and organisational well-being. To strengthen team development, creating agents of change.

Human Resources are our most valuable business capital and for this reason we consider that Professional Training is a strategic factor in achieving success within the organisation. Academia SANA Hotels’ activities are based on the following values:

  • Excellence in adding value for customers (internal/external)
  • Maximising the potential and skills of our personnel
  • Encouraging a spirit of initiative and innovation
  • Strengthening teamwork
  • Endeavouring to achieve objectives
  • Establishing relationships of trust, credibility and commitment
  • Developing a culture of communication and transparency


Academia SANA Hotels has a group of internal (Directors and Heads of Department) and external Trainers who possess broad operational experience in their areas of involvement, and have proven training skills (CAP – Certificate of Professional Aptitude).

This Team ensures the Quality of the Training given, the Transfer of Learning to the Trainees’ Work Stations and the Profitability of Training. Excellence, Professionalism and Effort are the daily Challenges of our entire team, in order to exceed the expectations of participants in processes.

The know-how of our trainers ensures the excellence of our team!


  • ENGIÁREA – Formação Profissional, Investimento e Consultadoria, Lda: Leading company in the realm of Professional Training and Consultancy in the hotel and tourism sector, with whom we have established a partnership under the scope of Professional Training and Qualification. ENGIÁRIA is accredited by DGERT – Directorate-General for Employment and Labour Relations, as a Training Body.
  • Agência Nacional para a Qualificação and IEFP: Cooperation Protocol allowing the validation of our teams’ skills and identifying the training necessary for the end of the 9th Year and 12th Year of schooling (New Opportunities Initiatives).


Training Areas

  • “Improvement in Qualifications” Project
  • “Perfecting Management skills” or “Leadership and Performance” project
  • “FLASH” Project
  • Bespoke training
  • Modular Certificate Training
  • E-learning

Online platform

Blended Learning, in which classroom and online learning integrate seeking complementary objectives, whose mission is to provide access to knowledge and the development of technical and behavioural skills to all SANA Hotels employees, within a distance self-learning context.

This platform will be available via the Internet, and may be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.